Pondlady's Info Center

Welcome to the Pondlady's Information Center! This informative area of the website allows you to learn more about creating and maintaining your water garden / eco-system. View or download our step-by-step instructions, and browse our Frequently Asked Questions.

Articles & Instructions
How To Build a Pond
Step-by-Step Instructions from start to finish! Use this easy six step process to create your own backyard water garden.
Online Tutorial [PDF]
Routine Maintenance Tips
Broken down into weekly, monthly and yearly tasks, our routine maintenance guide and pond care tips make it easy to do the right thing!
Online Tutorial [PDF]
TroubleShooting Your Pond
Addresses common problems such as dying fish / plants, algae growth, filter issues and more.
Online Tutorial [PDF]
Plants, Critters & Chemicals
Find out why your pond needs plants and fish to sustain itself!
Online Tutorial [PDF]
The Ten Laws of Pondkeeping
The ten golden rules that all pondkeepers must heed!
Online Tutorial [PDF]